Blogger's Note

Photography by Carlotta Marangone

I created an Imaginary in early 2013, I had no expectations and hope, but the only pleasure of pursuing what I love and truly believe in.

I first started this journey by focusing my research within the fashion world, a world I was by that time so far from, but inspired by. I had the chance to meet, discuss, and interview the most inspiring souls from the emerging scene. I wanted their words, and belief to resonate within an industry that tend to be deaf, and moneymaking focused rather than artistic. Later joined by inspiring artists and musicians, who also gave their words to an Imaginary.

It's now time for the blog to take a new turn. Further away from fashion, to discover individuals, who are contributing in their own terms in the evolution of our society, through such thing as creative writings, photography, and music among others. 

If you would like to share inspiring work, and stories about yourself as an artist and/or individual, please feel free to drop me a line at

Our name is hope, if we choose to believe in our words.

Léo Lalanne-Berdouticq