Interview - George Bezhanishvili

A combination of materials and fabrics, metamorphoses the garment. Dreamer, George Bezhanishvili brings a particular sensitivity through a functional collection along an androgynous silhouette. A definition of the sexless, by a confrontation of fragility and force, rawness and refinement, darkness and brightness, a unique signature serving an eternal wardrobe. 

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

George Bezhanishvili
"The story, the narrative, the tale in the wake of it. With every collection it’s like writing a new book, living the life of that particular moment, that precise captivation. Creating not just a pair of pants or a shirt, but rather pieces with the story to tell. Giving life, the visual reproduction of a universe and idea that tortured me for few months. The challenge, which I always set in front of me, is simple to make it functional, wearable, paying vast attention to details and of course perfect finishing. I always try to create timeless garments, clothes that can last for many seasons and still be stylish, comfortable, easy and free. There is always a chance to style my collections in a very classical way, and I enjoy the idea of that very much. In addition once they are out, they bring joy to so many people, they start living life of their own, becoming part of somebody’s story, bringing their own individuality and heritage. I find it quite inspiring"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

George Bezhanishvili
"From early age I realized that my relationship with garments was slightly more than normal communication with clothes. The idea of becoming a fashion designer started to haunt me right after I heard about the existence of such occupation. Later on, I decided to work on my own label, which is like my baby. Having children is a huge responsibility in life, so nowadays Im spending third part of my time on it with the hope that it will be the best one, as every parent wants to have the best kids in the world. Trust, patiance and love, this all makes me believe in Fashion, in Fashion, which I create…"

LE JARDIN NOIR collection SS13 
Photos, Santos Munoz 
Model, Nicholas Von Kleist

AW13/14 collection
Photography, Peter Stanglmayr
Assistant, Katharina Mahel
Model, Ian O'Brian, RED Model Management NY
Casting Director, John Tan