Interview - Ensæmble

Independently creative, Ensæmble express the belief of an ambitious curiosity carried by a garment without boundaries and characterized through a personal approach of fashion, art and craft. Intimate, and deeply inspired by a silent movement of volumes and lines, the duo upsets softly the codes.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

"Designing clothes is a very intimate process, which happens between the two designers of ensæmble, Alisa and Elina. Here the soul of the garments is established through both concept and craft. However, it is simultaneously very exciting for us how the soul remains vital and becomes polyphonic when the garments are used and interpreted by others. So there are always these two realities present: ours and yours"

"What makes you believe in Fashion?"

"Having our own label allows us to search for the kind of fashion we can believe in"

"Hanging On" AW 13/14
Lookbook Ensæmble
Photos Diana Luganski