Highlighting the poetry of the body by the collision of images from the society and his idealisation, to the reality. MINNAPALMQVIST uses the garment as a veil of feminity going along the shapes, a pure balance.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

"The soul of my work is based in a lot of frustration for the way we talk about and put pressure upon the female body, and also in the speed of the business, and is expressed through intricate cuts, drapings and paddings representing unwanted body shapes, ridiculous rules on how to dress and the woman who has had enough of the pressure"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

"I don't believe in fashion as we see it today, with no respect for nor the environment nor the people being used for the sake of cheap clothes. But I do believe in fashion as a way to express something more than outfit of the day, and as a medium that can raise questions about the society we live in, and doing so in style. And I do believe the industry has to and can be changed if we all just start making more conscious choises"

Intimately Social 9.12 
Spring/Summer 2013 collection

Photo, Anna Rönnqvist
Stylist, Nicole Walker (LundLund)
Hair, Peter Johansson (MIKAS Looks)
Make up, Pari Damani (Agent Bauer)
Model, Stina T/ MIKAS New Faces