Interview - Sasu Kauppi

Nineties tones going across structural and sharp shapes, accentuated by the use of blue denim as a guideline for the Autumn/Winter 13 collection. Sasu Kauppi introduces a minimal color palette as a visual language, purely white and blue. Inspired by a portrait of a Norwegian black metal music scene, portrayed by the photographer Peter Beste. "True Finlandian Blue Denim" gives a vibrant aesthetic, with a Nordic accents.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Sasu Kauppi
"To me, my designs come alive when one chooses to wear them. They're at their best when presented as part of an ensemble on a person. My designs are made to be worn.
I want to use different photographer for each lookbook/photoshoot for it brings something fresh to the concept and the collections are not entirely hanging by my personal vision"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Sasu Kauppi
"These times it's quite difficult to say, that I believe in fashion. It's a struggle of survival, yet also one of the most universal media of expressing yourself. In any event, it's present everywhere and will always be"

Autumn/Winter 13 collection 
"True Finlandian Blue Denim"

Photography, Jukka Ovaskainen
Models, Fanny (Brand) & Oscar (The Right Stuff Management)