Interview - Yulia Vorobyeva

The artistic expression of a cosmic and playful garment, inspired by a digital and futuristic dimension. Yulia Vorobyeva creates a theatrical character going along refreshing eccentricity, created by the use of aerodynamic, holographic textile and naive prints. This Autumn Winter 13/14 collection is the fantasy of a teenage dream, a delightful portrait of a luminescent universe.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Yulia Vorobyeva
"My works is an experiment; I pick up peculiar materials, I work with a different forms and structures trying to visualize a daring future person. And it's about youth, definetely"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Yulia Vorobyeva
"Fashion is a super-alive material, it's a substance which is able to transform a real object from a abstract image and to transform with a human person. It's amazing when fashion becomes art"

Lookbook Autumn Winter 13/14

Photos, Maria Yastrebova (BIRDDIE)
Models, Kolia Molochniy, Katia Yastrebova, Kolia Paystov, Кsenia Dranish, Maria Bel
Makeup, Nika Kisliak
Photostudio, PUDRA