Interview - CITIZENS!

Delusional pop across intoxicating melodies and a hypnotising voice, CITIZENS! is turning into a musical reptile. Atmosphere halfway between Franz Ferdinand, Hot Chip and David Bowie, the band transports the lyrics toward a catchy universe using disco and funk accents. "True Romance" imagery of a romanticism from the 70's and "Reptile" a modern and liberator anthem, from their debut album "Here We Are" a delightful escape which allows us to dance and fantasize.

"What makes you believe in Music ?"

"It would be insane to question the existence of music. It is as real as toothpaste and newspapers, but more fun. 
(toothpaste is a lot of fun though)"

"How can you express the soul of your melodies ?"

"We use mainly instruments and recording facilities deemed worthy of commercial recordings by ourselves or our peers. We also like to dance when traditional musical paths have failed. It is a more physical expression"

"How can you describe your relation with Fashion ?"

"We call it at least twice a week. We always pay for dinner, and if it can deal with it's middle child issues we can see if not marriage, at least cohabitation on the horizon"

Tom Burke
Lawrence Diamond
Mike Evans
Martyn Richmond
Thom Rhoades

Record Label 

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