Interview - Kristofer Kongshaug

Illusion of a garment, as a thought of pure beauty. Highly architectural along the lines, Kristofer Kongshaug creates a bridge between the soul and the body. Symbol of a unique expression, outside of the usual ways. The Autumn/Winter collection is mainly accompanied by darker tones, with a special focus on textile texture as a way to beautify a feminine fantasy. "L'Agenda Caché" as a story telling, gives us a timeless design, powerful and emotional.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Kristofer Kongshaug
"My garments are soulless, only living creatures has soul. The garments we create are meant as mirrors of our state of mind. Shields to capture our souls within. The expression changes when different people with different ways of thinking wears them. This is where I find the beauty of the so called fashion"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Kristofer Kongshaug
"The power to influence people and some how fit with their image of being. We all do different things in life- follow different paths.. Cloths are for us a way to coexist with people around us, it is where we cross paths in life. This is our Fashion"

"L'Agenda Caché"

AW 2013 Part 2
Photographer, Emma Picq