Interview - ROGGYKEI

Innovative and modern throughout the use of sharp colours and metallic accents, ROGGYKEI creates an avant-garde garment. Mirror of emotions and fantasy, the Autumn/Winter 13/14 collection is a divine way to express ourselves. Darker pulses along a fine transparency and a motion of lines and volumes, "New Horizon II" open the boundaries of the imaginary.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

"We think that fashion is a way to let people get satisfaction. It can be functional, but also be artistic in the same time. Our garments are all begin with patterns that never had before, so keep the design “edge” is a big precondition of our garments. But in the same time, we also keep our eyes on to make garments that people can actually wear in their daily life. To make garments edge enough to make people think, meanwhile make them want to wear, that is the main direction of our work"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

"At first we bought T-shirts, painted and remade them, but soon we got bored. We need a whole new shape, not just doing adjustment on the things already had, and the new shape needs new pattern, which can only created by our own. That’s why we went to the fashion design school. 

Our teacher gave us a big courage from the beginning. She surprised what we had made and that encouraged us to make more to surprise her. Also after our brand got start, our garments got respond by people day by day, that makes us believe we are going the right direction towards fashion"

Autumn/Winter 13-14 
"New Horizon II"

Photographer: Akira Yamaguchi
Make-up artist: Asami Komai
Hair Stylist: Asami Komai
Model: マンナミユ, Jyunta Komura
Stylist: Roggykei
Graphic design: Masaru Takemoto