Interview - Martin Niklas Wieser

Minimalism serving an eternal simplicity given for the garments, Martin Niklas Wieser redefines a wardrobe able to last season after season as an absolute and contemporary vision of fashion. Colorless, a fine balance through the contrast of white created by the use of different textures and fabrics glorifies the aesthetic with a unique character. Conceptual as a way to face the complexity of a modern society, the Autumn/Winter collection interprets a purity.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Martin Niklas Wieser
"The "soul" comes pretty much alive by wearing the pieces, putting them on the body. The soul of the garment is what you make of it, how you put them into perspective. It is something very elusive, and nothing to concrete"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Martin Niklas Wieser
"The constant progress really, there are few disciplines which are so fast moving. I like the flexibility, the spontaneity; although that of course also holds it's problematics (think of sustainability, the vast use of resources). Although I wouldn't necessarily say that I "believe" in fashion, but I like to work with it"

Campaign AW 13/14

Photos, Jonas Lindström
Styling, Paul Maximilian Schlosser
Hair & Make-Up Women, Gregor Makris
Hair & Make-Up Men, Felix (
Model, Ida @ M4, Peter @ IZAIO