Interview - PRZHonskaya

Fine osmosis between graphic patterns and sharp lines creates a modern and feminine atmosphere, throughout this Autumn/Winter collection PRZHonskaya glorifies the basics and gives a pronounced interpretation of the codes. Back to the sources as a desire of beauty, the origins of the garment are core to the style. Devotion to the details reached the excellence as a unique personality given to each piece and allows various compositions.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

"We aspire to create “outside of time” garments which can be relevant and fashionable even years after. Images dictate forms and the mood dictates colors. The style specifies details, which we pay a lot of attention to. Small folds, the volume and the silhouette dominate over shapelessness and commonness"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

"Fashion is an art to me. This is my whole life, so believing in what you make is the key to success, that comes if you possess good craftsmanship and gain enough experience. Saying that “I believe in fashion” is not enough, I live fashion"

Fall/Winter 13-14 Lookbook

Style/Clothing, PRZHONSKAYA
Photo, Moi Sofism
Model, Sabina-Sarah Lysenko
Make-up, Slava Chaika
Hair, Anna Gorbenko