Interview - Shirley Webb

Surrealistic vision of the garment, Shirley Webb explores an apocalyptic journey with her graduate collection.  Survive where the universe is falling apart through the versatility of her creations as an armor against the surroundings danger. The urban aesthetic and the contrast given by the opposition of volumes and the use of unexpected textures establishes a unique and modern interpretation.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Shirley Webb
"I guess my garments represent strength and self-sustainability, with an almost aggressive edge. The concept for the collection was preppers, meaning people who actively prepare for the end of the world, and the clothes display survival in an urban representation of an apocalyptic future"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Shirley Webb
"As for a belief in fashion, I'm not sure I have one. I feel that clothes can work as an outward display of personality, but certainly the person defines the clothes and not the other way around"

Lookbook photos

Photography, Drew Whittam
Model, Toby Leonard (Select)