Interview - Dioralop

Divine creativity coming along the variety of Polaroid pictures which punctuate each collection and gives sense and life to the designs. Dioralop introduces a unique balance where the pattern magnifies the minimalism of the cutting and gives poetry to the silhouette. Andreja Bistricic and Maja Merlic tells a story, emotional and unexpected as a unique journey.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

"Tearing of a material and connecting it back together, losing the difference between the sexes, and yet retaining the clean lines of the cuts; the basic issue was how to cut the print which is already strong in itself. Technique of creative deconstruction of Polaroids and getting completely new unseen colors and patterns, trying to achieve as much as possible (with) the abstract images was a result of a tedium of grey and saturatium of colors at the same time.

This very same principle is consequently applied in designing each of the ready-to-wear pieces as we think this technique has an inexhaustible number of the most unpredictable color combinations and that is the main reason why we have taken it as the foundation of our brand"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

"We find great inspiration in God and through researching and re-reading the Bible. We couldn’t make it without Him.We don't believe in fashion,  but believing in God makes our work possible and all the struggles and issues become piece of cake"

"4" A/W 2013/14 Making of DIORALOP

Photos, Sanja Bistricic

"4" A/W 2013/14 Menswear Campaign

Photo, Sanja Bistricic
Model, Lovro Perisa @ IM Studio Model Management
Make-up, Ana Rajic
Shoes, Underground Shoes