Interview - Etxeberria

Etxeberria explores along this Spring Summer 2014 collection his essence by the use of leather associated with knitwear which creates with character, a modern silhouette. Androgynous and wearable, the garments magnify an inspiration taken from the rural Spain. Roberto López Etxeberria expresses through his creations a contemporary elegance with an extremely fine sense of tailoring, as a way to establish a dialogue between our inner and outer.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

"Our work has always been related to the tradition of the fine classic tailoring, based on a contemporary perspective. Adding our personal mixture of fabrics and leather we create the brand identity.

Recovering the old fashion pattern making skills, collaborating with classical tailoring artisans, rediscovering textures and fabrics that can move you back to the old tailoring soul, drawing the men silhouette and adapting garments with masculine volumes, as jackets, waistcoats, trench coats, pants and suits, Etxeberria Menswear goes back to the roots and well made tradition. This means entering into a world where the perfection on the making, details and finishings are the indispensable base.

Etxeberria’s view, the contemporary elegant men, dressing back tailoring garments with the most actual and personal twist. Tradition, creativity and artisanship are the words we would use to define Etxeberria Menswear"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

"I believe in fashion because for me it is the best way to establish a dialogue with people"

Images by Ugo Camera