Interview - Georgina Santiago

Questioning the beauty, Georgina Santiago interprets a certain mutation of the body into an art space. "Vitrine" issued from a collaboration with the artist Guillermo Mora, a collection which transforms with creativity, a vision of the garments as a sculpture. Georgina explores fashion through art, a divine poetry surrounded by a soft color palette.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Georgina Santiago
"The soul of my garments is specially the fact of being part of a process, of being a piece of gear which at the end is a closed expression of a concept. In my collections I have done all the process, from the concept, through the pattern, and the set of the final image. My real creation is more the final image, than the garment itself. In any other environment, I feel that my collection is not my collection any more, it doesn't make sense, as it is not thought to be a product but an inspirational object inside an image"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Georgina Santiago
"For me fashion is the art in living forms and the one that is closest to everyone; cause everybody wears clothes, and all the clothes are witnesses and vestiges from a particular moment in history. Even people that don't care about art or fashion, are as well taking part of this process, and this unconscious sense is what makes fashion so interesting for me. The hidden reasons why are aesthetics evolving to one point to the other"


Sculpture, Guillermo Mora 
Photography, Daniel Armengol 
Model, Carlota Bird 
Make up, Elisa Santfeliu Ricard 
Art direction, Georgina Santiago