Interview - Alex Ulichny

Establishing a collection as an epic storytelling, Alex Ulichny with "White Noise" demonstrates a surrealistic fantasy. Structure and transparency give a theatrical vision of the silhouette by the use of unexpected fabrics which creates a unique statement. 

The collection interprets a certain upheaval of the beauty, futuristically introduced through the imagery.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Alex Ulichny
"Something happens during the process of creating each garment where they take on their own personality. Each has a story to tell, and during the hundreds of hours of handwork, their story is developed and eventually realized"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Alex Ulichny
"Clothing is the most personal relationship one can have with an object, it can protect us, it surrounds us, we mold it, it molds us. We are clothed since birth. Fashion uses clothing to express, to escape, to dream. Instead of creating clothing for the world, I like to create a world around the clothing. That's fashion for me"

Alex Ulichny | White Noise

Photographer: Sam Bynens Photographer
Shoot Location: Docklight Studios, Brooklyn
Stylist: Kellyn June
Styling Contributor: Schuanne Cappel
Hair and Makeup: Amber Morrow Artistry
Model 1: Kayla Kruse, Boss Models New York
Model 2: Alysha Triantafillou, Wilhelmina Models
Studio Assistant: Pa Kou Vang