Interview - Benjamin Bertram

Futuristic prospection given into the garment, Benjamin Bertram along "Logans Run" Spring/Summer 2014 collection redefine a certain identity where clean lines have been drawn throughout the silhouette to give a pure and fine imagery. Questioning a vision of the surrounding environment such as the architecture, the London based designer orientates his design towards the forcefulness of the structure. Modern with a minimalistic sophistication, the collection goes beyond the imaginary and transcends the details of the pieces to create a unique aesthetic.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Benjamin Bertram
"For each collection the mood or soul is researched and represented differently. Each collection begins with text as a starting point which is then used to define key moments within the research to keep things cohesive. Suburban Boys was built around themes pulled from the architectural site Park Hill in Sheffield; a feeling of hope and determination was represented within the collection and it's tough exterior. 

For my second collection, Logans Run, themes of sensuality, in a stylised way, an idea of coming together, uniformed, was inspired by the 1976 film adaptation of the novel. The film itself has negative connotations towards ageing and humans reliance on natural resources of energy, but the collection was hopefully a more idealistic, positive representation of the novels themes"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Benjamin Bertram
"I believe that matter who you are, or where you're from, the clothes you choose to wear represent who you are as an individual at a particular moment of your life. We can all define key moments in our lives and associate those moments with how we choose to represent ourselves, visually, at the time. The significance of this and our ability to reinvent ourselves continually through clothing inspires me to constantly question what direction the collections should take"

Benjamin Bertram Spring/Summer 2014 | Logans Run
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