Interview - Howl

Textures are finely defining the balance introduced into the silhouette where materials and shapes form and reflect poetically a way of expression. Maria Glück with Howl has a natural interaction with the design, leaving her feelings and emotions driving her creativity to deliver a lively and harmonious Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Maria Glück
"The process of creating my garments involves phenomenology and experimental actions (same way as it is done in Art). It requires an escape away from a previous initial design or drawing, to avoid recognizing the final result from the beginning. I walk around looking for materials that accidentally meet my senses. This phenomenological way of creating, involves a certain unconscious/conscious way of working with textures and shapes. Indulgent fabrics blended with unconventional textures.

While observing the materials is when I conceive how to shape them or make them interact. I decide at the same moment I act. But the action must be constant. All garments cannot contain all the excess of creation, and often the structure that holds some garments comes from the combination with other simpler pieces"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Maria Glück
"Garments embrace the body and the attitude. Fashion makes possible a direct expression with an enormous potential of reaction. There is no static definition of fashion, one can create an alternative production with sustainable fabrics and disagree with body conventionalism. 

I believe in a certain autonomous entity of the contemporary fashion pieces. I like to think that they could help freeing people from their own body shapes, and to embrace other possibilities. To be and wear what makes them feel more real"

Howl Spring/Summer 2014 | Lookbook

Photo: Piotr Pietrus
Model: Johanna Z. (IZAIO)
Model: Maiko Miske
Hair & Make up: Juliana Muñoz
Styling: Maria Glück & Johne Pahl