Interview - Mina Lundgren

Mina Lundgren explore within the garment a structural disorder of textures and materials by interpreting the piece as a sculpture. "Distorted Essentials" orientates a certain expression through the forms, sharp and minimal which draws a feminine frame towards the representation of a modern beauty.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?" 

Mina Lundgren
"My work surrounds ideas based on a form-first approach, where reduction is used as a method to sharpen and refine things in their simplest forms. I aim to create a direct sense of expression that can be described as “raw essentialism”. 

I'm interested in abstract shapes as abstract form does not rely on specific references to be apprehended and can therefore be appreciated by anyone regardless of culture or place. Much emphasis is also put on material in my garments as it is the link between form and body. My MA collection investigated geometrical abstraction of body shapes and how such geometrical form can be distorted through weaving in dress for example"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Mina Lundgren
"I see the body as the ultimate cultural symbol. Everything around us relates to the body, we encounter it in our own and in relations to other everyday, one can say that there is no more common form in our lives. Therefore fashion is a natural part of our life; it is a communicator and activator of culture. It merges beauty and beliefs with utility. I believe fashion is fundamental part of what it is to be human"

"Distorted Essentials" | MA Collection 

Photographer: Lova Eklöf 
Make up Artist: Emma Falkensjö
Model: Amsaya Mitku
Set design: Mina Lundgren
Special thanks to: elStudio