Interview - Sandro Marzo

Sandro Marzo establishes a dialogue where the emotions define an interpretation, something abstract such as the textures are becoming alive within the vision of the wearer. Strength of harmony, the designer creates with aptly a fine balance where the garments are the reflection of a melodious modernity.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Sandro Marzo
"I constantly look at all sorts of garments and tissues and I see textures, which I then try to imagine as textiles. Sometimes there are garments or textures that trigger emotions and sometimes a dialogue evolves from those first emotions. Think about the metal surfaces of artist Richard Serra. I select a number of carrier materials and then impose a governing concept, for instance the rough iron surface of Serra's sculpture onto them. Thereby a originally heterogeneous group of textiles becomes uniform, it's like creating an homogenous army of garments"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Sandro Marzo
"I don't believe in fashion as a religion-like or stable concept.

For me fashion is simply a platform that allows me to create a complete silhouette, exactly modelled after my visions. It provides endless freedom and power. I am free to create things how I like them to be"

"Fade-In" | Spring/Summer 2014 Collection 
Photographer, Pete Cameron Dominkovits