Interview - Josh Reim

Heritage of memories defines and gives a sense of understanding the core of Josh Reim design. Illustrating along this Spring/Summer 2014 Collection a minimal perception of the nineties era, Reim allows a modern accent to give an unconventional aesthetic and construe a style.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Josh Reim
"The soul of my garments is non-existent if the viewer doesn’t feel a connection to it. To me, the way I see my art will never be the same as the way another person sees my work. 

To create clothing is one thing, to make art and tell a story is another. When others look at my art, it should not be about picking out each piece separately but rather looking at the collection as a whole, as a project where it is recognized that each idea, each detail involved is a conscious decision that has been made. To sum it up, there is no “soul” if that certain viewer feels no connection to the entirety of the work. It's all relative to the experience the human being shares with the work he/she creates/analyses"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Josh Reim 
"Nothing. I would much rather be in a punk rock band or something"

Spring/Summer 2014 | Lookbook
Courtesy of Josh Reim