Interview - Palmer//Harding

The expression of a serene movement represents the heart of Palmer//Harding Autumn/Winter 2014 collection where the beauty of a body language highlights a freedom. Levi and Matthew explore a yet formal garment with a modern and refreshing vision incorporating a finely associated color palette.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

"While pristine and beautiful when new the true beauty and soul of a garment develops through time, wear and love. Similar to a new diary, that is beautiful and pure when first purchased, it only serves its true purpose when its pages start to tell a story. It's the same for clothing"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

"Thanks to the high street and the plethora of content on the internet, fashion has become a dirty word. In a contemporary setting fashion is something that lacks intrinsic value and requires constant renewal. In that manner fashion lacks integrity, it is a lie that is meant to be told for 6 months while its creators are busy constructing a new version. 

Design and style however has its base in honesty and innovation, and while its expression can change just as regularly as fashion, its essence allows it to be of value for much longer"

Palmer//Harding | Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection 

Designer, Palmer//Harding
Model, Anders Hayward
Photographer,  Cecilie Harris
Hair,  Stephen Low
Make-up, Maria Papadopoulou
Location, St Martins Lane London