Interview - Per Götesson

Taking sense and inspiration from the body language, Per Götesson translates a momentum through the garments where shapes redefine a silhouette. Confrontation of structures within a contemporary aesthetic, the Stockholm based designer introduces along “Poor Unfortunate Souls” his BA collection a conceptual vision of the menswear.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Per Götesson
"I'm not really nostalgic or romantic about things or specific garments in my collection. I always consider the body of the wearer and try to transform the story or concept of my collection into cuts and shapes. 

You have to understand what the body looks like when you are constructing your pattern pieces. Most of the time I really try to make the most simple or banal shape into something interesting and/ or attractive, I like to be surprised by the outcome. All of the designers I appreciate knowing to step out of their own comfort zone from time to time and re-new themselves. To me that is really important to have in mind in all steps when I am making a collection or a garment"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Per Götesson
"I like to think of what I don't believe in, conformity and being a boring person"

“Poor Unfortunate Souls” | BA collection

Photography, Ninja Hanna
Stylist, Christopher Insulander