International Festival of Fashion & Photography Hyères - Anne Kluytenaar

Anne Kluytenaar uses along her graduation collection the codes of the Maison Chanel, brought into a masculine frame. Androgynous elegance, the garment goes beyond a gender to express a freedom of being. 

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Anne Kluytenaar
"The most recent collection I designed sprung from my interest in the way how femininity or masculinity is defined through clothing and fashion. I chose Chanel as my source because to me the house of Chanel stands for pure elegance. The idea to explore these two references came when my father decided three years ago to continue life as a woman. I would say that the soul of my work is to be found in the personal aspect of this collection"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Anne Kluytenaar
"What draws me to fashion so much is that it is a world where I can be inspired by something personal and express this by the use of the fine craftsmanship of the couturier and the sensitive and delicate use of fabrics and fabric decoration, like embroidery and beading"

1st Photograph | Courtesy of The Stimuleye

2nd Photograph
Photographer, Meriam Rouabah
Makeup, Frances Kroll

Model, Hidde Van Greuningen