Interview - Daniel Yuste

Daniel Yuste inspects throughout “Insectivore” his MA Graduation collection another horizon of the minimalism, almost futuristic with a fine sense of the proportions where sportswear's elements characterised a comfort. The collection features within a use of technical fabrics and materials a natural source of inspiration carried into the soul of his creations.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Daniel Yuste
"The soul of my garments comes from nature inspiration. In my graduate collection all the garments were created from the structure and characteristics of the jewel beetle. I wanted to express the freshness and cleanness through fabrics and patterns to represent an image that links to water and light referring to the beetle qualities as the attraction of light through their photonic crystals on their structure, that's the reason why I used fabrics such as neoprenes, nylons, and materials such as the bio-resin. 
The aesthetic is linked to sportswear as I wanted them to be easy and functional"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Daniel Yuste
"I think fashion is an historic statement. It is a representation of time and facts, and that's the main reason that makes me believe in it. I know that this could sound a bit "cliche" but I do think that everything that happens in fashion is a story that evolves and lasts forever"

1st Photography | Editorial (USED Magazine)
Photography, Yann Faucher
Styling, Gabrielle Lawrence

“Insectivore” | Lookbook
Courtesy of Daniel Yuste