LFW illustrated by Yuanxi Sun - Ukrainian Designers

Yasya Minochkina

This season during the London Fashion Week a selection of Ukrainian designers shown once again their collections within the Fashion Scout. 

Yasya Minochkina along her Autumn/Winter 2014-15 collection balances a feminine silhouette throughout a certain geometry, where clear and graphic lines are highlighted behind a fine association of materials creating a contemporary garment. 

Anna K, Lara Quint

Playful and memorable, Anna K transports iconic slogan as "I am not a blogger" into a refreshing aesthetic.
Approaching with delicacy a minimal collection, Lara Quint is reflecting over the volumes a serene beauty.

Each of them confirm brilliantly an undeniable place in the world's fashion landscape by building up season after season a unique identity.

Illustrations by Yuanxi Sun