Interview - Mareunrol's

Carrying a message and vision, Mareunrol's conception of the garments embraces characters, emotions to express and create a story. “Tenant/Fieldwork No. 2" Autmun/Winter 2014 collection highlights the association of surrealism and realism within a minimal aesthetic beautified through a subtle use of fabrics and an almost monochrome color palette.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?" 

"It is important that clothes are self-sufficient and temporary. It is important for them to live their own life and to tell their own story so that they would not decline in value even after 5 or 10 years. Our aim is to show that the impossible is possible. We see fashion not only as clothing, but as an entire embodiment of visual emotions. It is the combination of things and feelings, looking for undiscovered emotions and tastes, and there are various tools we use for finding it set design, sound, photography, sculpture, coincidences, misunderstandings, and culture. That's what we want to emphasise in our works"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

"It is the building of feelings in the most inconceivable ways and of all sorts of tools that manifests in the form of visual 'language' material, space, sound or even set design. 
We are attracted by the vastness and the opportunity to combine and connect various disciplines through which we can disclose reveal the message of fashion, our visual 'language'"

Mareunrol's | “Tenant/Fieldwork No. 2" Campaign

Photography, Iveta Vaivode
Models, Krišjānis and Artūrs @ DANDY Model Management