Interview - Sean Suen

Sean Suen empowers within his Autumn/Winter collection an effortless elegance, envisioning a clear and tailored silhouette. The aesthetic embraces a contemporary masculinity where generous volumes confront sharpest shapes.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Sean Suen
"My design aesthetic or style, is fairly similar to my ego. I wanted it to be a kind of undertone throughout my work.  Like humans with characters, clothes should also have their own personalities. The difference is that a person's character is reflected through emotions, although it is not exclusively happy or sad, but a whole spectrum of emotions.  When such emotions are expressed, there are representations derived from that emotion.  My clothes are such representations, and express my soul naturally"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Sean Suen 

Photographer, Trunk Xu
Stylist, Dan Cui
Model, Piqiang Lv