Interview - Bei Kuo

Bei Kuo expresses differences within this collection through not only a use of eclectic materials but also an association of words to embody a powerful garment reflecting the strengths and accents of eccentricity. Involving sentiments and memories, Bei's creations are a reflection of her inner self.

"How can you express the soul of your garments ?"

Bei Kuo
"As a creator, I express my emotion, mind and soul through my works, I am a visual storyteller. Most of my work related to my personal memories and experiences, you can see a really strong emotion from my designs. For my thesis collection, I started with this performance art that I did (, if you have time to take a look, it's about a relationship between me and my family. I always have trouble when it comes to communicating my emotion through language, so I guess, it (designing and creating) becomes a way out for me to express myself. My works are my soul"

"What makes you believe in Fashion ?"

Bei Kuo
"Fashion is a way to visualize your personality, what you wear represent who you are (only if you are truly honest to yourself). When I started into fashion, I found fashion it's the only way that I can communicate myself properly. Even though, through time to time, you grow older and knowing the world better, but I still feel it's a very important way of representing who I am as an individual"

Bei Kuo - Spring/Summer 2015 Collection 

Models, Corey Mcdonald and Khorey Mcdonald at RE:Quest
Photographer, Christine Hahn