“Self-Portrait in Blue Bathroom” by Nan Goldin

It's in the worst that you feel the most.

I'm looking at these buildings touching clouds, when my mind is in heaven.

Thoughts transports you  to another dimension, where breathing isn't of use and thinking is a need.

I questioned myself while walking - Is it worth effort ? When you can barely breath, and are not able to think.

If my mind is unable to reach you, then I guess, this pain is like a wake-up call. From me to you. 

The waves of our lives are making us go from one point to another, where ? Where are we all going if the choices aren't given to us. 

I had this feeling of being able to choose, but when comes the result - satisfaction is your worst enemy. 

I miss my inner self, lost in this dreary town.

Am I a toy for a community of desperate needs ? 

I don't belong to any territory and boundaries. I'm leaving, and living for the sake of my true beauty. 

The way you are seeing me isn't defining myself as a person and an individual. I'm beyond the reflection you have of me. 

Shadows of whisper, we are the ghosts of our own nightmares.

Questions are still coming and time seems to be taken away, far enough for all of us to see but not reach. 

I gave my soul to this earth and it doesn't seem to be enough for us to love. 

Hate took away my childhood. My own differences were worth constant insults and blame.

I gave respect and I've been bitten in return.

The taste of your own issues was worth for me a pain, I can still feel and, won't forget.

You made me the person I am now and, you won't forget me.

Written by Léo Lalanne-Berdouticq


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