How ?

Photography by Mark Morrisroe

Since love is also part of our life, among the lonely men who believe ; how do we live if love comes along the way ?

Being young - if all the attention wasn't on me, problems will start to come up and, a frustration, I didn't know how to deal with as a kid, was blowing my mind off. 

I guess, our generation doesn't love the way we use to, the way we have been told to. 

Attention whore, every second is a chance to shine brighter than the daylight, stealing the stars when the nightfall.

Can we live in this world ? Where contemporary and tortured thoughts, based on digitalised feelings, are driving our heartbeats insane at every second. 

My heart is going to stop, and silence will be my other half.

Before; eye contacts, words from mouth and made of lips, were making us shiver.

There is now only need of a finger or two, on the filthy, almost black touch of a keyboard.

We know, eyes closed, where love is from AZERTY to QWERTY. 

We know, eyes closed and legs opened, where sex is from AZERTY to QWERTY. 

Do I even have to say where I am ? Do I even have to say who I am ? 

You won't even see me smile when your words are heating my mind for the first time. 

Imagine; we live in a world of fantasy, where our entire lives are based on reflecting ourselves and most of it, through one shot and a relationship status. 

I'm self-sufficient, I had to.

The simple thought of you kissing me, seducing me, one miles away behind your iPhone screen, is more than enough to give me an orgasm. 

I'm looking for you online.

I found apps before finding pubs and I fuck before I do love. 

Miserable reality. 

Your name is top, mine is bottom. 

You gave me a blow job, before I could ever kiss you. You gave me your address, before I knew your name. You showed me your penis, before I saw your face. 

Miserable city. 

When I use to reach out to you with my arms for a hug, I now reach out with my ass for a fuck.

How ? 

Romanticism is dead, and I made myself a slave in this kingdom of lust. 

Am I falling in love with you ? If I'm sitting there, on my own, locked in my room. 

I looked at your picture on my screen and thought about, how attractive you are. 

I looked at your picture on my screen and thought about, how good we could be together. 

Does it make me a freak ? Are we all freaks ? 

There is no chemistry in the 21st century. 

Chemistry is dead and we will die along the way. 

Fuck buddies instead of mates, booty-calls instead of lovers. 

All we discuss is love, but - do we know what it is ?

I get and got lost, when trying to think about it. I can only remember what I see from movies to series. 

Love has to be an act, well played by two characters, to make it believable.

I do believe in what I'm seeing, and I'm surely running after it, until I fall.

I'm hunting these relationships like I could hunt my career, but I don't. 

Finding true love and feelings now became an obsession. We are obsessed and neurotic. 

We see our lives on screen, to survive, to a lack of spontaneity.

If Grindr is deleted and off from your smartphone, there is nothing left from your hope of sharing. 

Desperate generation, on a drip of nonexistent company.

We don't talk to each other, we don't look at each other. 

All we pay attention to; are the updates coming upon our phones. 

Our camera, see the life when our eyes should be looking at it.

Our generation is dying of their own creation. 

Fast consumption of food, fast consumption of clothes, fast consumption of feelings and to end with, fast consumption of human beings.

“When the sun has set, no candle can replace it.”  - George R.R. Martin

Full stop.

Written by Léo Lalanne-Berdouticq