Interview - Christine and the Queens

Exclusive illustration from Pabllo de la Cruz
I had the chance to interview Héloïse in early 2013, known as the fabulous Queen, named Christine. I decided for the release of her self-titled U.S. debut album to re-edit and share once again with you, her interview for an Imaginary

Christine and the Queens is transforming with accuracy feelings into music. Master of the gender, she glorifies and embraces the fantasy of the absurd with a viral and elegant pop. 

What makes you believe in Music ? 

"Making it, hearing it, singing it. Music is a feeling, a virus, that strikes us straight away, no matter who you are and where you come from. Every time I listen to a great song, or sing one of mine to an audience, I feel grateful. It's the most immediate and cathartic art for me.

Excelling as a performer, she embodies the soul of her art by making it alive to the audience. Sharing in public what is the most intimate.

How can you express the soul of your melodies ? 

"I always wondered a lot about the soul. How can you tell you have one ? Can you have a lot of different ones ? I always felt a bit parcelled out, and it's probably one of the many reasons I chose to have a band's name instead of a solo artist's name. But here's the thing : when I sing, I finally feel like one single energy. Singing is so intimate as well that it is maybe at this moment that I can feel truly soulful. I'm not really interested in what comes before and after the stage ; if I could, I would be always a stage character, always performing. People like Marvin Gaye are deeply moving when they sing, because they seem to only exist in their voice - the soul is there, in this very display.

The best of luck on the other side of the Atlantic.

Words by Léo Lalanne-Berdouticq